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Thursday, November 7, 2019

What is Paypal? Explained

What is Paypal? 
A Payment App called PayPal was launched to transact money online easy. PayPal is an online company that facilitates transactions of money. Its headquartered is in California, United States and began in 1998. During the past 17 years, PayPal is the most reliable company to carry out transactions online money worldwide. This company is active worldwide. PayPal is also available in India, however, due to RBI guidelines are no restrictions on PayPal in India, but you can send and receive payments easily.

If you are selling your products by creating a website online, then you can use PayPal to get paid. Almost all online marketers are using.

How to create a PayPal account Easily?

Anyone can use PayPal and is absolutely free. If you pay with PayPal, the n you do not have to pay any extra charge, it pays equal to Net Banking, debit card, you can do with PayPal. You can send money to their families and receive free. If you are selling your products online and use PayPal to receive payments, then you have to pay extra fees, like other payment gateways do. So let's create a free account at PayPal.

Step 1: First go to PayPal.com and click register. Option 3 are displayed here.
Select the type of account paypal
For buyers: Regular users we like and who use it. We can send money through this account. You can send money to relatives. You can shop online.
For Business: Use business people this account online to sell their products.
For freelancers: Freelancing this account it is done by those offering online services and money

Step 2: Select for buyers from here and click Continue.
To send or receive money, choose to do business. For this, you have to do KYC account. In general, you can select for buyers and change it later if necessary.

Step 3: Now in the registration form, PayPal registration form filling
Choose your country, enter your email ID and enter a secure password. ID email is your username. - Click Continue.

Step 4: Now you have to fill up your information on the details in the registration form below. In this you -

  • Enter the same name as the name on your documents.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Select your nationality and country.
  • Please enter your
  • Enter your phone number
  • Now create an account by clicking "Agree and Create Account" marking Agree.

Step 5: The next screen will ask about adding credit card / debit card, here you can add your card and add it to PayPal or later to do this job, "I will link my card after" You can jump by clicking

Congratulations! have become your PayPal account. Now open your email ID, open the email from PayPal, click Confirm and Link access to Paypal.com entering the password.

Top 5 Online Money Transfer App

In this article we will discuss what the best money transfer applications that you can use and that can save you money. Before Installing applications, it is important to know what the basic features of an application best money transfer -

Applications For Online Money Transfer


When demonetization took place in India, the government launched the application UPI BHIM December 30, 2016 to promote cashless economy. His full name is Bharat interface money, which is the first application of UPI India, with the help of this money can make transactions directly from one bank to another bank. Along with this, the government, BHIM application is the most widely used in India because -

Because UPI, which offers services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
It can be used to send money to an account, receive, Mobile Recharge and DTH recharge etc.
BHIM Bikul is safe in simple, which is linked to their Aadhaar card and works on all banks.
With this, you can easily check bank balance, see many things like Declaration and Transactions history, etc.
You can make transactions up to Rs 20,000 at a time and the daily limit is Rs 40,000.

2. Paytm

Who does not know this? Paytm is the application of money transfer, most popular India. Which was released by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010, it has more than 1.5 million rupees downloads. Paytm full form is "paid through mobile", currently the easiest way and make sure Paytm Online payment is through it -

You can make paying bills, online shopping, mobile and DTH recharge, transfer money and receive.
being application allows you UPI transactions Paytm one bank to another at any time.
In this, you can make payment in real time on it, ie becomes transactional part in hand.
It is fast and safe, along with it, there are many offers in it, where you get up to 100% money back.
It is accepted everywhere everywhere, because in it each person receives a unique QR code that can be paid to that person in the scans.

3. PhonePe

PhonePe which is a product of Flipkart was launched in 2015. It is also a paid app UPI that can be used as other payment applications, along with it supports the bank to deposit transaction. many benefits obtained in this -

There is a daily transaction limit of 1 lakh and up to 30 lakh of the month.
It makes transactions directly with your bank account, for which only the number is required mobile phone.
You get the most attractive offers than any other application, from which you can get money back.
A UPI being provides you service all the time. Being popular is accepted almost everywhere.

4. Google Pay

There is a payment application developed by Google that Google pay was formerly Tez but later was modified and released on September 19, 2017 and payment Google. It is a UPI (Unified Payments Interface) to the payment application as PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm, use it -

  • You can send money to your contacts or to receive them.
  • You can make the payment online or recharging.
  • You can make transactions from one bank to another.
  • It's easy and fast, with it being the product of Google, is also much security.
  • In this, it can be registered with only mobile number without Aadhaar card or proof of identification.
  • He Apart from this, it is very popular for its reward system.
  • You can make a maximum of 1 lakh rupees and 10 maximum daily transactions.

5. PayPal

PayPal is the best online payment company of the world. It is an American company, which was established in 1998. If you want to send or receive money from someone outside India, then PayPal is a good choice for you.

To create a PayPal account, you will need your PAN card, ID email. With this, you can make transactions anywhere

What is Amazon Prime? Benefits Of Amazon Prime

In today's time, millions of people in INDIA have been visiting the ecommerce website and ordering their necessities and asking them to sit at home. Although there are many ecommerce websites on the internet for online shopping, but Amazon is the best and number 1 in the world, apart from this, there are other e-commerce sites from which you can shop such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong etc. 

All these ecommerce websites sell their products online from where you can order and ask for goods from home.

What is Amazon Prime and what are its benefits?

Amazon is the most used and most popular ecommerce website in the whole world. Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud based company with the main headquarters in the US . In India Amazon company runs an ecommerce site called amazon.in which is most popular for India me online shopping. Amazon has brought a feature in India, which is being liked by people in today's time, which is named Amazon Prime. Today in this article, we will talk about what is Amazon Prime and what are the benefits of taking membership of it.

What is Amazon prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid service provided by Amazon company, for which you have to take membership subscription. After taking the subscription, you buy any product that comes inside Amazon Prime, then you do not have to pay the delivery charge. If you shop from any ecommerce site, then the price of the products as well as the delivery charge from you Takes. When you book a product, and when the product price is low, then it costs some money to bring the product to the company to you, from which it charges you as a delivery charge.

By the way, you will be charged a delivery charge if you shop from any of my sites, but if you take amazon prime membership, then you do not have to pay the delivery charge or shipping charge. By the way, if you buy any item of less than 499 price from Amazon, then you have to pay 40–50 delivery charge along with its price because the delivery charge is only on the product of Rs 499 or above on Amazon. Is free. If you take a membership subscription of Amazon Prime, then you will not be charged a delivery charge on any product. Amazon Prime is a paid service, which means that you have to pay money to Amazon company to subscribe. When you take a subscription, you deliver every product of shopping done on Amazon.in to you for free.

I hope you understand what Amazon Prime is. Now a question may be coming in your mind that how to find out whether the product you want to buy comes within the Amazon Prime Plan. The product that comes inside Amazon Prime has a logo of Amazon Prime, which you can easily understand by looking at it.

What are the benefits of Amazon prime?

By the way, Amazon offers free delivery only after purchasing any products of Rs499 or above. But when you become an Amazon Prime member, after taking membership, you can ask for a product of no minimum order value ie Rs15, and Amazon reaches you without charging any delivery charges.
If you buy a product from Amazon and you want to deliver it to your address, then you have to pay an extra charge, but if Amazon becomes a prime member, then you can ask for your restraint soon without giving any extra.
Apart from this, you can also enjoy entertainment, that is, you can watch unlimited movies on Amazon as well as listen to songs. After becoming an Amazon Prime member, you have access to unlimited video steaming and free music access.
How to become an amazon prime member?
There is a very easy way to create Amazon Prime member, which I am telling you here. First of all you have to go to the site of Amazon.in. Click on the logo written under Try Prime, click on it. Now a page opens for you to join Amazon Prime member, Join Prime will see a button written like this, click on it. Now after that you will You have to login with your account and pay the subscription fee, which you can do through your debit / credit card or net banking medium.

What is Hotstar? And How to Use It?

Hotstar is a digital and mobile entertainment platform in India. It provides streaming media. Hotstar is a website that allows online TV programs to watch games, news, movies.

Hotstar is designed for different platforms where the user can use it as Web, Android and iOS. The project started in 2015 by a T. V Channel India (Star India). Through this web site, you can easily see all the TV shows, movies and sports for free. Not only in Hindi but also shows many Indian languages ​​of movies, parties, shows for free. That's why people use it to watch live cricket matches, Bollywood and Hollywood movies and series online. About 100,000 hours of stage and screen display in 17 languages ​​are available in Hotstar.

Why you should use HotStar?

The answer is very simple. If you are fond of watching movies, TV shows, sports, then you get to see all these things in Hotstar. You can use it to watch movies on sports TV series cricket matches. You can watch live cricket Hotstar.
Using Hotstar
You can use Hotstar through its website hotstar.com or mobile application.

If you are a laptop computer or user, then you can open your website and use it, if you are a mobile user then you can download and install the Android app or iOS app. To download Hotstar and you have an Android phone, then you can download it from Playstore or If you are an iPhone user, then you can install on your phone using Appstore.

What types of programs can be seen in the Hotstar?

TV channels: After opening the website Hotstar, a choice of TV is obtained. A Clicking on it will show the names of many television channels whose programs can be seen. There are 34 channels available on it. is.

Movies: In Hotstar also give you the option of films through which you can see many films of Bollywood and Hollywood. In this you get to watch movies in different languages ​​like English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, etc. In this you can see many types of films like action, drama, suspense, comedy, crime and the family.
Sports: The HotStar mostly used for people to watch sports is, live support, subassemblies and streaming live sports in scores, where cricket is at the top. You can see all kinds of sports in it.
News: You can also watch the news on Hotstar. For this, it also gives you direct Breaking news, top service and popular news and breaking.

Video on Demand: Video on demand (VOD) is a system that allows select users and watch video and audio files such as movies and TV shows, and this allows you to see your chosen time instead of broadcast time scheduled. .

Premium: In the early days, brought Hotstar free service and even today, but the premium service later also brought. You can subscribe to see the high quality content, but it has to pay. After subscription to the premium service, you can watch live cricket, you leagues channels and sports, apart from the premium channels. 2 offers premium subscription plans. Rs 999 annual recurring monthly plan of the Rs 299 plan.
On this platform you can see almost all news channels and sports channels and live cricket.


In this post, What is Hotstar? And How to use it?, I hope you liked the information given in the post. If you do not know about it, however, after reading this post, you must have understood everything about Hotstar.

If you have any questions or suggestions in this article, then comment and tell.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tips to Save Battery Life of Android and iOS

Hello friends! Are you upset with the battery of the smartphone too! You want to increase the battery of your smartphone, in fact, at present, almost all smart phone users wants to increase battery. But technically not possible for us to double the backup battery of the phone, which is, we can not increase the battery capacity of your phone. But after reading today's article to the end, you can increase your battery backup making a slight change in the settings of your smartphone. The tips of backup batteries that are mentioned here, these tips work on all smartphones.

Friends, today many types applications used for different tasks on your smartphone, due to which repeatedly we receive reports of such applications. So the battery of the phone starts to drop.

Therefore, apart from applications it is only useful, you can disable notifications from other applications of the phone settings. And after using tools such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., turn them off can improve the battery life of your phone.

System auto / minimum lock sleep

The screen of your phone is inactive. Ie, the remains lit while the smartphone screen does not work on the screen. The higher the automatic locking (sleep time), the faster the battery of your phone will be. Therefore automatic locking should be minimum.

It can reduce the time automatic locking in the display option settings present in smartphones.

Low brightness

High brightness on mobile phones affects the battery to the maximum. Therefore, we can reduce the brightness of the screen mobile, as needed. So for a better battery backup, keep the brightness of the mobile base.

Airplane mode 

You can save battery largely by aireplane mode (flight mode) on mobile. Yes, you can charge your mobile 5 percent faster turning the airplane mode during charging. Apart from this, activating the aireplane mode during low signal can be very beneficial. Because the search network in the area of ​​low signal, the mobile battery decreases dramatically.

Charging time and plug

If you want to increase the backup of your phone battery, never use the phone until the battery is completely empty. That is, we should not use the battery until it is 0 percent. Furthermore, not always load cell to full load (100% load).

Because now lithium batteries are made so that the batteries can be charged rapidly in a short period of time.

Vibration disable mode

If you really want to save a percentage of the battery of your phone, then you can stop using the vibration mode. Therefore, it may be better to use the silent mode in place of the vibration, because the mobile battery rapidly decreases while vibrating the mobile.

Disable access to Internet

If you have a low battery. And then you want to save more time if they do not have a charger, then at that time is not only disable Bluetooth, WiFi, but the signal can also disable 4G / 3G network. And if there is no Internet access, the battery is stored for a long time.

Stop using the wallpaper runs

If you use wallpaper that runs on mobile, then quit today because running or wallpaper move quickly reduces battery mobile. Experts say mobile, desktop backgrounds black is the best wallpaper for mobile battery saving. Because color pixels do not work on black wallpaper set, saving phone battery.

Do not use the additional function

If the phone battery is draining down quickly, then you can reduce the use of additional features such as camera, flash light, etc. which will make your phone battery last longer

Most useful applications for Android in 2019

Since the smartphone has been launched, Android applications have made our lives much easier for future generations we can not ignore these Android apps. Applications have made our lives magically simple. Have no doubt advanced the way we live. There are applications for education, information, business, communication, navigation and many other ways we use it. But still, there are some applications that are there. They help us in our day to day activities and make our job easier.
So let's use some useful Android applications, we have investigated in useful applications and the list of this application should have. These are the top 5 Android apps that support us every day. You can use all of them and make your life easier

Most useful applications for Android

The majority of Android applications useful in daily life Nowadays many companies also advertise their own Android applications and helps get great feedback from its users. Best Android apps help us change our standard of living.

1. Time Tune- optimize your time; - According to an English saying, time is everything today. And moving over time is second to none. Have you ever wondered why some people can do a lot of work in one day his time slips through your fingers? The answer is that they have a very good and systematic distribution of time. Use routines and stick to them, helping them win every available minute, right in time for what matters to them, make good habits and do everything in your schedule time Tune, your routine and scheduler can be easy if you It does the same. Tune time can help make changes in their daily lives. Many of us do not follow our daily routine. This application is for all students, parents and workers. You can easily download from the Google store game and make routines for work, office, gym.

2. Walnut; - Money Management Walnut is an application that helps you view and save your money. The price is however naturally, all safely monthly and pays the bills. This useful application monitors your monthly withdrawals at ATMs, checking your SMS inbox on the phone, includes notes, labels and invoice / receipt photos to exchanges and identifies important data identified with expenses, invoices and tickets. is. In the same way, by listing all your expenses, track visa contribution to the goal that is greater than its cost. With the help of this application, you can manage your expenses.

3. Android AirDroid; - it is a popular and valuable application that can be used to connect your computer to your smartphone. It is not necessary to connect the smartphone to a PC to transfer files. With the help of this app you can remotely transfer files from your computer to your phone or phone to PC.

AirDroid also gives you the opportunity to use the camera of the smartphone remotely. You can also call or SMS remotely from your smartphone using the application AirDroid. If a new warning when your smartphone, it will let you know in the work area. You can download it from the Google Play store.

4. Shareit is an application for file sharing platforms. Is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac. For platforms so you can transfer files between devices that run on the updated platform. For users combine to be all equal, Shareit claims to have more than 1 billion users.

This information is faster to transfer. Actually, you can transfer a 1 GB motion pictur

Best Advance Google Chrome Settings For Android

If you are a user of an Android phone, Google Chrome is the most secure browser for your mobile phone. Most Android phone users trust us Google Chrome. Because it has a lot of options that Android users get absolutely free, for use and Android users also consider safe and secure. 100% is fast, safe and secure, but do you have some hidden features that knew, that can further enhance your mobile experience and keep your personal information in a safe place possible. Some of these features are testable, and these hidden features can help you make your phone faster.
Setting Chrome Android, Chrome advanced settings
Chrome Android setting

Chrome advanced settings

Google Chrome has a lot of advanced settings that are available for Android phones for free. And this advanced configuration makes the smartphone safer to surf the experience. It has many more hidden features that can be used for your mobile phone. You can download Google Chrome for free from Google Play Store to install the Beta version below this you have to write chrome // flags in Google Play Store. This article provides information about some hidden features that can be useful for you.
In this list, these 5 options hidden-advanced that can also be used with the Android phone.

1. Clear browsing data - If you do not remember what you've searched in Google Chrome, you can go to the page of history and you can see everything they have done in recent days. However, some users of Android want to delete the browsing history which searched for them, then in that general condition you can easily remove browsing history from Google Chrome. But two options will appear to erase the browser history.
Steps -

  1. After opening the browser Google Chrome
  2. Click the three points at the top right
  3. Select Clear browsing data
  4. You will see two options
  5. Basic (Removing your browsing history from the original area only help you delete cookies, images and cached files)
  6. Advanced (With this option you can adjust the time. If you want to delete the browsing history of all time, you can select and delete all the time)

2. New incognito tab - This trick Google Chrome will be best for Android users. Because with the help of this option you can hide your browsing history and you will not have to erase history. If you do a search or want to see your browsing history, then you can use these functions. Anything you do with this new incognito tab will not appear in the list of history. To use this option

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. At the top right you will see three points
  3. Click three points
  4. Open new incognito tab.

3. Safe Browsing - This is the most important stage for Android users if you use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is completely safe for users of Android and whether Google Chrome is used, then you need to trick this option for safety. This trick will help you with all the information input their personal information is used on the Internet. Also give a description of the site that is not secure or safe.
You NEED to do this steps -

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go right and click three points
  3. settings
  4. Privacy
  5. Safe Browsing (Click on this option)
  6. Setting Chrome Android, Chrome advanced settings

4.  Forcing zoom - If you are a user of an Android phone, use this option to view lyrics and large images of any website. These are such amazing features for users of mobile phones that can be used when Chrome googly news, novel or study. It will definitely help in expanding a lowercase letter. If you have any type of eye problem and has trouble seeing fine print without glasses, then you can use this option in this condition.