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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Best Advance Google Chrome Settings For Android

If you are a user of an Android phone, Google Chrome is the most secure browser for your mobile phone. Most Android phone users trust us Google Chrome. Because it has a lot of options that Android users get absolutely free, for use and Android users also consider safe and secure. 100% is fast, safe and secure, but do you have some hidden features that knew, that can further enhance your mobile experience and keep your personal information in a safe place possible. Some of these features are testable, and these hidden features can help you make your phone faster.
Setting Chrome Android, Chrome advanced settings
Chrome Android setting

Chrome advanced settings

Google Chrome has a lot of advanced settings that are available for Android phones for free. And this advanced configuration makes the smartphone safer to surf the experience. It has many more hidden features that can be used for your mobile phone. You can download Google Chrome for free from Google Play Store to install the Beta version below this you have to write chrome // flags in Google Play Store. This article provides information about some hidden features that can be useful for you.
In this list, these 5 options hidden-advanced that can also be used with the Android phone.

1. Clear browsing data - If you do not remember what you've searched in Google Chrome, you can go to the page of history and you can see everything they have done in recent days. However, some users of Android want to delete the browsing history which searched for them, then in that general condition you can easily remove browsing history from Google Chrome. But two options will appear to erase the browser history.
Steps -

  1. After opening the browser Google Chrome
  2. Click the three points at the top right
  3. Select Clear browsing data
  4. You will see two options
  5. Basic (Removing your browsing history from the original area only help you delete cookies, images and cached files)
  6. Advanced (With this option you can adjust the time. If you want to delete the browsing history of all time, you can select and delete all the time)

2. New incognito tab - This trick Google Chrome will be best for Android users. Because with the help of this option you can hide your browsing history and you will not have to erase history. If you do a search or want to see your browsing history, then you can use these functions. Anything you do with this new incognito tab will not appear in the list of history. To use this option

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. At the top right you will see three points
  3. Click three points
  4. Open new incognito tab.

3. Safe Browsing - This is the most important stage for Android users if you use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is completely safe for users of Android and whether Google Chrome is used, then you need to trick this option for safety. This trick will help you with all the information input their personal information is used on the Internet. Also give a description of the site that is not secure or safe.
You NEED to do this steps -

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go right and click three points
  3. settings
  4. Privacy
  5. Safe Browsing (Click on this option)
  6. Setting Chrome Android, Chrome advanced settings

4.  Forcing zoom - If you are a user of an Android phone, use this option to view lyrics and large images of any website. These are such amazing features for users of mobile phones that can be used when Chrome googly news, novel or study. It will definitely help in expanding a lowercase letter. If you have any type of eye problem and has trouble seeing fine print without glasses, then you can use this option in this condition.