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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Best Whatsapp Trick For Android And iOS

Today in this post, I'll tell you about WhatsApp tricks 2019. Whatsapp is undoubtedly the best messaging application for Android and iPhone. WhatsApp has become the best and most widely used applications for each mobile platform such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry. In any case, the application is most commonly used as part of a team. From this position, you will get the information to hide the last highlight, profile picture and status seen.

Whatsapp 2019 Tricks

WhatsApp prominence has evolved step by step, however, Therefore, many users of WhatsApp are looking for these amazing tricks to use WhatsApp on their phones. The main reason behind the WhatsApp achievements described in an original way. Sending messages, pictures, audio files and videos, but the application What has added new features for the last days. Today we know about some of these options.

Use WhatsApp without any mobile phone number

So far, you should have started using WhatsApp after registering with a telephone, but now I'm going to say that the process followed step by step, you can use the WhatsApp application without registering a number.

To use this trick, first if you are using WhatsApp then uninstall application from your phone, after uninstalling, you can download it again from Google Play Store and try to register again.
When opened after download, then you will be asked to confirm your mobile number. In addition, it is natural that sends a verification message to your number. After this, when the code sent is entered, then your WhatsApp back to their use.

Now follow the advice given carefully, after downloading the application indicated below from Google Play Store. Turn your phone into the Aeroplane mode. After you open your Whats app. And try to register with the wrong number. When you try to register with an incorrect number, what it is the application asks you to select another option.

At that point WhatsApp requests to choose an alternative strategy to confirm. 'Confirm via SMS' or provide an email address. Snap "submit" and for a moment, sit tight, click "Cancel". This completes the approval process.
Range method:
After downloading the spoof application, you can generate a time series through it. This application can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. Or you can also install by clicking on the direct link below.

The introduction of instant messaging messages Spoof for Andriod and a false message for iPhone

Go to outbox -> Copy message microelements Spoofer Application -> Send to confirm false.

Use these subtle elements in their false message: To: +91 7900347295 From: + (country code) (mobile number) Message: Your email address
This way, you can use the WhatsApp without connecting your mobile number.
Blue as a sign of WhatsApp

When you're chatting with friends and a stranger. At that time, do not give the person in front of you time to share this. Keep your mailbox your friends or a secret person and let him know if you have not read your message or not. You can use this trick in that case. Once this blue trick, since, when someone sends you a message, disables the person will not know if you have read the message or not.

Open your WhatsApp on your Android phone. Tap your account settings WhatsApp. After WhatsApp go to Settings -> click on Account -> Privacy. then glance and get the option to highlight "read receipt". This will give you a tick in it, just clear the tick.