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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tips to Save Battery Life of Android and iOS

Hello friends! Are you upset with the battery of the smartphone too! You want to increase the battery of your smartphone, in fact, at present, almost all smart phone users wants to increase battery. But technically not possible for us to double the backup battery of the phone, which is, we can not increase the battery capacity of your phone. But after reading today's article to the end, you can increase your battery backup making a slight change in the settings of your smartphone. The tips of backup batteries that are mentioned here, these tips work on all smartphones.

Friends, today many types applications used for different tasks on your smartphone, due to which repeatedly we receive reports of such applications. So the battery of the phone starts to drop.

Therefore, apart from applications it is only useful, you can disable notifications from other applications of the phone settings. And after using tools such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., turn them off can improve the battery life of your phone.

System auto / minimum lock sleep

The screen of your phone is inactive. Ie, the remains lit while the smartphone screen does not work on the screen. The higher the automatic locking (sleep time), the faster the battery of your phone will be. Therefore automatic locking should be minimum.

It can reduce the time automatic locking in the display option settings present in smartphones.

Low brightness

High brightness on mobile phones affects the battery to the maximum. Therefore, we can reduce the brightness of the screen mobile, as needed. So for a better battery backup, keep the brightness of the mobile base.

Airplane mode 

You can save battery largely by aireplane mode (flight mode) on mobile. Yes, you can charge your mobile 5 percent faster turning the airplane mode during charging. Apart from this, activating the aireplane mode during low signal can be very beneficial. Because the search network in the area of ​​low signal, the mobile battery decreases dramatically.

Charging time and plug

If you want to increase the backup of your phone battery, never use the phone until the battery is completely empty. That is, we should not use the battery until it is 0 percent. Furthermore, not always load cell to full load (100% load).

Because now lithium batteries are made so that the batteries can be charged rapidly in a short period of time.

Vibration disable mode

If you really want to save a percentage of the battery of your phone, then you can stop using the vibration mode. Therefore, it may be better to use the silent mode in place of the vibration, because the mobile battery rapidly decreases while vibrating the mobile.

Disable access to Internet

If you have a low battery. And then you want to save more time if they do not have a charger, then at that time is not only disable Bluetooth, WiFi, but the signal can also disable 4G / 3G network. And if there is no Internet access, the battery is stored for a long time.

Stop using the wallpaper runs

If you use wallpaper that runs on mobile, then quit today because running or wallpaper move quickly reduces battery mobile. Experts say mobile, desktop backgrounds black is the best wallpaper for mobile battery saving. Because color pixels do not work on black wallpaper set, saving phone battery.

Do not use the additional function

If the phone battery is draining down quickly, then you can reduce the use of additional features such as camera, flash light, etc. which will make your phone battery last longer