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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Most useful applications for Android in 2019

Since the smartphone has been launched, Android applications have made our lives much easier for future generations we can not ignore these Android apps. Applications have made our lives magically simple. Have no doubt advanced the way we live. There are applications for education, information, business, communication, navigation and many other ways we use it. But still, there are some applications that are there. They help us in our day to day activities and make our job easier.
So let's use some useful Android applications, we have investigated in useful applications and the list of this application should have. These are the top 5 Android apps that support us every day. You can use all of them and make your life easier

Most useful applications for Android

The majority of Android applications useful in daily life Nowadays many companies also advertise their own Android applications and helps get great feedback from its users. Best Android apps help us change our standard of living.

1. Time Tune- optimize your time; - According to an English saying, time is everything today. And moving over time is second to none. Have you ever wondered why some people can do a lot of work in one day his time slips through your fingers? The answer is that they have a very good and systematic distribution of time. Use routines and stick to them, helping them win every available minute, right in time for what matters to them, make good habits and do everything in your schedule time Tune, your routine and scheduler can be easy if you It does the same. Tune time can help make changes in their daily lives. Many of us do not follow our daily routine. This application is for all students, parents and workers. You can easily download from the Google store game and make routines for work, office, gym.

2. Walnut; - Money Management Walnut is an application that helps you view and save your money. The price is however naturally, all safely monthly and pays the bills. This useful application monitors your monthly withdrawals at ATMs, checking your SMS inbox on the phone, includes notes, labels and invoice / receipt photos to exchanges and identifies important data identified with expenses, invoices and tickets. is. In the same way, by listing all your expenses, track visa contribution to the goal that is greater than its cost. With the help of this application, you can manage your expenses.

3. Android AirDroid; - it is a popular and valuable application that can be used to connect your computer to your smartphone. It is not necessary to connect the smartphone to a PC to transfer files. With the help of this app you can remotely transfer files from your computer to your phone or phone to PC.

AirDroid also gives you the opportunity to use the camera of the smartphone remotely. You can also call or SMS remotely from your smartphone using the application AirDroid. If a new warning when your smartphone, it will let you know in the work area. You can download it from the Google Play store.

4. Shareit is an application for file sharing platforms. Is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and Mac. For platforms so you can transfer files between devices that run on the updated platform. For users combine to be all equal, Shareit claims to have more than 1 billion users.

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