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Thursday, November 7, 2019

What is Amazon Prime? Benefits Of Amazon Prime

In today's time, millions of people in INDIA have been visiting the ecommerce website and ordering their necessities and asking them to sit at home. Although there are many ecommerce websites on the internet for online shopping, but Amazon is the best and number 1 in the world, apart from this, there are other e-commerce sites from which you can shop such as Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong etc. 

All these ecommerce websites sell their products online from where you can order and ask for goods from home.

What is Amazon Prime and what are its benefits?

Amazon is the most used and most popular ecommerce website in the whole world. Amazon is an electronic commerce and cloud based company with the main headquarters in the US . In India Amazon company runs an ecommerce site called amazon.in which is most popular for India me online shopping. Amazon has brought a feature in India, which is being liked by people in today's time, which is named Amazon Prime. Today in this article, we will talk about what is Amazon Prime and what are the benefits of taking membership of it.

What is Amazon prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid service provided by Amazon company, for which you have to take membership subscription. After taking the subscription, you buy any product that comes inside Amazon Prime, then you do not have to pay the delivery charge. If you shop from any ecommerce site, then the price of the products as well as the delivery charge from you Takes. When you book a product, and when the product price is low, then it costs some money to bring the product to the company to you, from which it charges you as a delivery charge.

By the way, you will be charged a delivery charge if you shop from any of my sites, but if you take amazon prime membership, then you do not have to pay the delivery charge or shipping charge. By the way, if you buy any item of less than 499 price from Amazon, then you have to pay 40–50 delivery charge along with its price because the delivery charge is only on the product of Rs 499 or above on Amazon. Is free. If you take a membership subscription of Amazon Prime, then you will not be charged a delivery charge on any product. Amazon Prime is a paid service, which means that you have to pay money to Amazon company to subscribe. When you take a subscription, you deliver every product of shopping done on Amazon.in to you for free.

I hope you understand what Amazon Prime is. Now a question may be coming in your mind that how to find out whether the product you want to buy comes within the Amazon Prime Plan. The product that comes inside Amazon Prime has a logo of Amazon Prime, which you can easily understand by looking at it.

What are the benefits of Amazon prime?

By the way, Amazon offers free delivery only after purchasing any products of Rs499 or above. But when you become an Amazon Prime member, after taking membership, you can ask for a product of no minimum order value ie Rs15, and Amazon reaches you without charging any delivery charges.
If you buy a product from Amazon and you want to deliver it to your address, then you have to pay an extra charge, but if Amazon becomes a prime member, then you can ask for your restraint soon without giving any extra.
Apart from this, you can also enjoy entertainment, that is, you can watch unlimited movies on Amazon as well as listen to songs. After becoming an Amazon Prime member, you have access to unlimited video steaming and free music access.
How to become an amazon prime member?
There is a very easy way to create Amazon Prime member, which I am telling you here. First of all you have to go to the site of Amazon.in. Click on the logo written under Try Prime, click on it. Now a page opens for you to join Amazon Prime member, Join Prime will see a button written like this, click on it. Now after that you will You have to login with your account and pay the subscription fee, which you can do through your debit / credit card or net banking medium.