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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What to do If your Mobile Screen Start Lagging?

Does the screen that hangs up the phone several times, or your phone can not read the touch command? If your answer is yes, then our 5 tips can be useful for you. In fact, many users are upset when the screen is locked and take it to the service center. But in many cases, your screen will not spoil, but due to configuration or other is not, it starts to cause problems. Today we will tell you what is those 5 tasks you should check on the phone before taking your phone to the service center.

1. Remove Applications

Often on the phone, you download some useless applications from which our phone hangs. These applications include insects or viruses that cause some of the functions of your phone to stop working. So if your phone is facing this problem, then remove applications from your phone. In these cases, anti-virus can also be useful for you.

2. Change Screen Guard

Often because the screen guard, screen phone stops reading his touch. A big reason for this is the poor quality of the protective screen phone. Apart from this, even if the screen protector is too old, the screen of your phone does not read the touch command. In such a situation, use a screen saver good quality.

3. Restart

Every time the phone or lock screen, the user must first restart their phone. This is the perfect way to correct any electronic device. If your screen is also hanging or not, restart your phone immediately.

4. Wipe the screen with a dry cloth

Often, users start using the screen of your phone with water or oil. This makes the screen of your phone to hang (also stops working on many occasions). In a situation like this, clean the screen of the phone with a clean, dry cloth. It is better to turn off the phone screen or phone during this time. Turn on the phone after 90 seconds of cleaning the screen. This will make your work phone screen as before.

5. Factory Reset

If the phone or the screen is hanging, then you can set your phone via Factory Reset. With Factory Reset, the phone enters the default settings. If you say in plain language, then the phone is obtained in the same mode after Factory Reset. To retrieve the phone, you must press the volume up button, along with the power button. After this, leave the appliance on when the option is Android. Then select the option to factory reset with the help of the volume button and press the power button.